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16-19 Tuition Fund

We received a total of £5972 from the 16-19 tuition fund. This statement outlines how Ormiston Victory Academy will use the 16-19 Tuition fund in line with ESFA guidance. 

Please click here for the full Government guidance https://www.gov.uk/guidance/16-to-19-funding-16-to-19-tuition-fund . 

The additional funding is for the academic year 2021-2022 only and is being used to mitigate the disruption of learning arising from coronavirus (COVID-19). 

We have used our Post-16 funding to ensure we provide as much personalised support for our Sixth Form students as we possibly can. The most important ‘intervention’ for children of any age is access to more one-to-one support, especially given we are in the throes of a global pandemic. Sixth Form students are at a social turning point in their lives, as well as an academic one. 

We used our funding to allocate additional staff time to providing and deploying support to individual students. 

We have also implemented an increase in ‘study room’ hours from September 2021 so students need not ‘work from home’ during their study periods – having a staffed room with ICT resources throughout the day helps them to stay focused on their learning, gain independence at a suitable and appropriate rate, and also have constant access to a specialist when it comes to completion of EPQ and university applications. 

Who will we support?

Lord Nelson Sixth Form College, based within Ormiston Victory Academy, will provide support in the form of small group tuition for 16 to 19 learners in English, maths, and other courses where progress has been prohibited. The groups within which the intervention will be delivered will be a maximum of 5 – and will consist of those students who we know need the following support urgently:

1. Students who have not achieved a grade 4 in English and/or mathematics

2. Students with an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan 

3. Students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), particularly where they have experienced additional disruption to learning as a result of their specific needs and disabilities 

4. Students who will benefit most from small group tuition – be receptive to it and remain as engaged as possible 

Vocational support/HE sessions including study skills support will be delivered to the following students:

1. Where we do not hold an accurate record of assessment due to missed learning 

2. Those students who have an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan 

3. Those students who are following a study programme across all levels, but with a particular focus on those who have not achieved a grade 4 in maths and/or English. 

Ways in which we will deliver the support include:

  • Small group through a 1-2-1 or small group intervention. 
  • Academic skill development – focused on the development and refreshing of study skills so that students can more effectively engage with the curriculum content 
  • Maths and/or English – targeted intervention to support students to fill gaps in their knowledge, practise their skills and reinforce learning from the curriculum 
  • Specific targeted intervention based around SEND needs
  • Students have timetable studied hours, students who didn’t achieve math or English and/or have SEND or EHCP have more supported study sessions, attendance is compulsory to these and is tracked, targeted students have specific tasks for individual hours. Ways these planned hours have been used:
  • Students with EHCP are entitled to bursary payments – textbook and resources have been provided.
  • Some activities which have been completed by our mentors;
  • Organisation skills, Time management, Understanding AOs and answering questions fully
  • ADHD management, Learning profiles, Study Skills
  • Advice and guidance provided to staff
  • Mind Mapping – Connecting and establishing ideas
  • Support with revision activities and revision cards
  • ReadWrite software guidance
  • Essay writing support for History
  • Supported Maths Past Papers – supporting with online resources and log-ins
  • Business study planner and supporting with Coursework
  • Art Portfolio checks SAG extending analysis
  • Identifying Students with Literacy weaknesses and working on comprehension skills.
  • Students falling behind in lessons are targeted as groups. Often sessions involve dissecting class texts.
  • Health and Social Care & Psychology BTEC –  a few specific and target sessions – Revision Techniques, Using Textbooks, Consolidation information, RAG rating and specification dissections.
  • There’s been a need to stretch high achieving students who have disconnected from learning, so w have put personalised support in place for them
  • Identifying personal strengths and ability to better choose progression in HE


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