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Advent Calendar

December 1st is a HUGE good luck to Victoria Atkins who has her final interview for Sixth Form at Norwich School tomorrow! Victoria, we are so proud of you!This is the amazing Bradley who dashed to the rescue when a child needed emergency medical assistance. We are proud of you, Bradley!For 5th December, we have Teejay, who is an absolute legend. He loved meeting Russell Martin, his football hero and we love Teejay because he is always polite, kind and helpful. He shows such respect for others and we love to see his great artwork and performances. Nearly showtime, Teejay!These two brilliant children are Skye and Shelbie. They brought in 2 bags of goodies for the food bank collection! We are so proud of your efforts to help others! You’re our December 6th superstars!This is the shy and retiring Issac, who has been nominated as Advent Star today for his relentless hard work as the lead in next week’s show School of Rock. We are very proud of you, DUDE!
Today’s Victory Advent legend is the amazing Amal! She’s just smashed her BMAT exams and we know she’s going to rock this world as an incredible doctor. Amal, you have a heart of gold and we are so proud of you and your massive brains ❤️This is Emily, who designed a beautiful Christmas card for the Academy. She’s busy rehearsing for show week, but took some time out to give us a Victory smile. We are proud of you, Emily.