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Homework Booklets

Key Stage 3 Homework Booklet

We are delighted to introduce to you our new homework booklet for Years 7 and 8.

Each half term your child will receive a new booklet full of engaging home learning tasks.

The aim of the booklet is to make homework fun and rewarding – visa stickers will be rewarded and these can be redeemed as part of the whole academy reward system by completing the many different tasks.

We also hope that at home you will get involved with the suggested family activities and the creative challenges, so that memorable learning experiences can be shared.

Year 7 Homework Booklet – Autumn 1

Year 8 Homework Booklet – Autumn 1

Minimum Requirements

Each subject page includes gold, silver and bronze activities. These are the compulsory homework tasks that need to be completed to avoid any sanctions. Your child MUST complete at least one of the bronze, silver or gold tasks.

The only exceptions to this are English, Maths and MFL, who will continue to set their homework as they usually do.

Your child’s subject teacher is responsible for setting the hand in date for the homework, marking and feeding back, and setting detentions if the homework is missed.


Obviously, we are expecting every child to complete the homework on time and to the best of their ability. However, the consequence for not completing these activities is a 45 minute detention per subject. These will be set within the department where the homework is missing. It is expected that the homework will be completed in this detention. If the detention is missed, a 90 minute Year Team detention will be issued.

Optional Enrichment Homework.

The “enrichment” homework (largely displayed on the facing page for each subject) is optional. If a student wants to learn more or simply earn more visa points, then they should complete the optional homework. This also includes English, Maths and MFL. This is also where you will find the family activity. There will not be any consequence if this is not completed, but obviously we feel that completing as much as possible helps to build a strong work ethic.

A Google Classroom has been set up and your child has received an email inviting them to join this. In here, there is an electronic copy of the booklet, should the original be lost.

We hope your child will enjoy completing these home learning tasks and we look forward to seeing lots of exciting projects taking place and handing out lots of rewards.

Please contact me if you wish to discuss this pilot homework project in more detail – especially if you have any useful feedback for us on h.curson@ormistonvictoryacademy.co.uk


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