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Curriculum Intent

The music curriculum develops skills in listening performing and composing exposing students to a range of genres, styles and traditions. Students will sing and use their voices and instruments to create and compose and perform music in response to different stimuli and styles and learn to evaluate the work they listen to and have produced. Students will learn to read music through different notation.

Key Stage 3

Music is taught for one hour a week in Years 7 and 8.

Each unit of work ends with an assessed performance and multiple choice quiz based on the knowledge organiser for that unit of work.

Units covered:

Year 7

The elements of music: We will look at how music is made – pitch, tempo, dynamics, texture and timbre. We will also learn about Beethoven and Britten

Feel the beat!: We will look at Beat, rhythm and pulse whilst learning basic notation. Activities will include chair drumming, and body percussion.

Highs and lows: In this unit, we will learn the notes of the treble stave and learn to transfer this to being playing melodies on the keyboard.

Variations: This unit will look at form and structure in the form of theme and variation. Frere Jacques and Pachelbel’s famous canon will form the basis of our work.

Meet the orchestra!: We will look at the instruments in an orchestra. Learning about each instrument, it’s timbre and the family it belongs to. We will listen to programme music – music which has been composed to tell a story, and we will look at the role of a conductor.

Year 8

Ukulele: We will look at chords and structure whilst learning to play some songs on the ukulele.

The Blues: Building on the chords learnt whiles playing the ukulele, we will develop this by learning about the 12 bar blues structure and adding a walking bassline to our chords. We will look at the history of blues music and discover how it forms the basis of a lot of the music we know and love today.

Soundtracks: Famous film soundtracks will be listened to whilst discovering more about John Barry and John Williams and we will learn to play some famous leitmotifs.

Popular song: This unit will focus on the structure of the popular song. We will listen to music from Rock n Roll to hip hop and learn to understand how the music is built up. We will use the song Stand By Me by Ben E King to learn on the keyboards.

Hooks and riffs: We will finish off the year by looking at how music is layered featuring hooks, riffs, basslines. We will look at the fabulous British group, Queen, the composer, Ravel and perform some disco!

Reggae: We travel to the Caribbean and to Jamaica to learn about the marvel that was Bob Marley. We will study the iconic sounds of Reggae: Syncopation, off beat rhythms and call and response.

Progression Pathway

Performing Arts Subject Progression Pathways

Performing Arts Team

Ms Curson Mrs DalgleishMr Ormerod
Assistant Principal for Community, Key Stage 3 and ArtsDeputy Director of Performing ArtsHead of Dance


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