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Teaching and Learning - Ormiston Victory Academy

Daniel Willingham’s Blog on Learning

Posted: 25.01.13

Daniel Willingham, a professor of cognitive psychology at the University of Virginia, specialises in applying psychology to learning in schools.

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Understanding by Design By Ben Rogers

Posted: 26.11.12

Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe are two US educationalists who got frustrated by the poor quality of courses offered to

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Schlechty: Working on the Work By Ben Rogers

Posted: 28.09.12

Schlechty’s principal argument is that we spend too much time trying to develop students as learners and teachers as teachers.

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Stone Age Pedagogy

Posted: 26.02.12

I teach in a modern science classroom, teaching modern young people modern physics. This is not the Stone Age. However,

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Learning Objectives by Ben Rogers

Posted: 22.11.11

This is a summary of what the research shows about effective Learning Objectives (Hattie). Setting effective learning goals based on

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Feedback by Ben Rogers

Posted: 02.11.11

“Feedback is information with which a learner can confirm, add to, overwrite, tune, or restructure information in memory,” (Winne and

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E-Learning @ Victory

Posted: 30.08.11

Ben Rogers Director of Learning and Teaching, Ormiston Victory Academy Philosophy E-learning at the Academy focuses on making learning more

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My Professional Learning Need

Posted: 28.06.11

How can I make Students more Reflective in Art & Design? Rebecca Ashford My Professional Learning Need Reflection is an

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Use of Feedback in Art & Design

Posted: 27.03.11

A study in the use of formative feedback in Art   Rebecca Ashford   This study explores the use of

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Admissions Policy 2021-22 Consultation

Posted: 02.10.19

We are now consulting on our Admissions Policy for 2021-22. Details can be found here.

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SEND Family Roadshow

Posted: 25.09.19

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Parent and Child Classes for Autumn Term

Posted: 24.09.19

Practice new skills and learn together in our Parent & Child Classes! We have CPR, Mandarin, Art/Ceramics and Mindfulness on

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