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Curriculum Policy 

The curriculum at Ormiston Victory Academy is based upon the following principles:

  • Ensuring students leave the academy with the qualifications necessary to choose their next step in education.
  • Ensuring students leave the academy with the necessary skills to be successful, both in further education and their day to day lives.
  • Ensuring every student makes above expected progress in English and mathematics.
  • Providing the opportunity for every student to reach their potential.
  • Retaining the flexibility to personalise individual student pathways, both through subject choice and within subject areas.
  • Not compromising on students’ health and creativity.
  • Maintaining breadth and balance in Years 7 & 8 so students have a wide range of options at Key Stage 4.
  • Providing students with the time to study their chosen subjects in depth.
  • Quality is more important than quantity.

These are achieved through:

  • Allowing students extra time for English and mathematics where necessary.  The focus is to support students with low levels of literacy and/or numeracy as soon as they join the academy.  This extra time will not impact upon creative or vocational subjects, thus not impacting negatively on students’ areas of strength.
  • Based upon their ability and rate of progress, students may follow different pathways within the same subjects.  This includes opportunities to take additional qualifications, where appropriate.
  • Throughout Years 7 to 10, two hours a week of dedicated lesson time are given to physical education.  One hour a week is given to social, moral, spiritual and cultural education; this is delivered largely by specialist humanities teachers.  The arts, humanities and technology all receive equal time in Years 7 & 8.
  • A three year Key Stage 4.  Students make their GCSE option choices towards the end of Year 8.
  • Key Stage 4 qualifications are structured in such a way to fulfill the government’s ‘Eight’ criteria.
  • Options are structured in such a way so students who wish to may fulfill the Ebacc criteria.
  • High ability students have the opportunity to study an additional option.  This is through a mixture of taught lessons and independent study.
  • The majority of students chose four options for Key Stage 4.  This gives them at least two hours a week of dedicated lesson time in each of their chosen subjects.


  • The Ebacc is a measure of success in a range of academic subjects.  To meet the Ebacc measure, in addition to English, mathematics and science, students need to take geography or history as well as a language.
  • The government’s ‘Eight’ criteria is met by taking English and mathematics, any three additional Ebacc subjects and any three other subjects.

If you wish to find out more about our curriculum, please contact: PA@ormistonvictoryacademy.co.uk.

Cross Phase Curriculum

We are excited to be working closely with our Primary Schools to develop a cross phase curriculum to track the learning experiences of students through Key Stage 1 through 2 through 3. We will also be seeking further opportunities to widen this curriculum. We encourage parental feedback, so please do get in touch with your comments and questions to PA@ormistonvictoryacademy.co.uk

Curriculum Maps

Year 7 Curriculum Map Autumn Term 2019

Year 8 Curriculum Map Autumn Term 2019 

Homework Club

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We have a Homework Club every day after school. This runs in the library from 2.45pm-4.15pm. There are staff and student librarians on hand to support students with their Homework, as well as computer facilities and library books.

The club is run on a drop-in basis, so students do not need to sign up to attend.


Please click here for the overview of topics studied across all year groups within SMSC lessons.

Please click here for an overview of how SMSC is incorporated into all curriculum subjects.

Memorable Experiences

Our curriculum is also about more than just qualifications – we aim to ensure our students take a wide range of memorable experiences away with them when they leave our academy. Our extra-curricular provisions, trips and events are really important.

Click the documents below for the related download.

Key Stage 3/4 Curriculum Maps

Key Stage 4 Subjects Offered and Options from September 2016

Key Stage 4 Subjects Offered and Options from September 2017

Key Stage 4 Subjects Offered and Options from September 2018

Key Stage 5 Subjects Offered (Sixth Form Prospectus)

Key Stage 5 Reading Lists


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