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Our Governors

Ormiston Victory Academy Governing Body

The Governing Body is made up of 10 members: the Principal, two parents and two staff elected Governors, with the remainder appointed by the Ormiston Academies Trust.

To contact the Governors, please e-mail Nicole Hawes, PA to the Principal, on PA@ormistonvictoryacademy.co.uk

What are Governing Bodies For?

Governors are the largest volunteer force in the country and their overall purpose is to help schools and academies raise standards and provide the best possible education for their students.

What are the roles of the Governing Body?
  • To challenge and support the Principal.
  • To oversee the Academy’s long-term vision, strategic aims, values and ethos.
  • To carry out statutory responsibilities, such as safeguarding.
  • To agree and monitor plans and policies.
  • To make creative use of available resources.
  • To monitor and evaluate performance.
  • To be involved in the appointment of the Principal.
  • To ensure proper financial management of the Academy.
  • To communicate openly with parents, staff and the local community.
How does the Governing Body Work?

The Governing Body works as a group, taking collective responsibility for all decisions. Governors work in close partnership with the Principal who, as the lead professional, advises and assists the Governing Body to carry out its functions.

The Governing Body includes people with a wide range of skills, experience and backgrounds, all of whom have equal status and rights as Governors. Governors are encouraged to broaden and develop their skills, knowledge and confidence through engaging in training opportunities.

The full Governing Body meets approximately three times each term to discuss key areas such as student performance, the curriculum, staffing, finance, premises and health and safety. It is important for Governors to get to know the Academy and its staff, which they do by regularly visiting and attending Academy events and open days whenever possible.

Governors take on specific roles linking to aspects of the Academy’s development plan with members of the Senior Leadership Team and also to specific functions.

Becoming a Parent Governor

Becoming a Parent Governor can be very rewarding and offers the opportunity to make a real contribution to the life and work of our Academy. Governors play a key role in the leadership of the Academy and work together with the Principal, staff and other governors to ensure that our Academy provides a challenging and supportive environment for its students.

Parent Governor vacancies are advertised on our website and circulated to all parents of current students.

Becoming an OAT Governor

Becoming an Ormiston Academies Trust governor is challenging, interesting and deeply rewarding and contributes to the well-being and prospects of pupils, academies and communities. OAT welcomes applications from people from all walks of life to gain a wide variety of skills and experience to support and develop the academy. If you are interested in finding out more, please download an OAT Governor application form here.

Our Governors:

PositionMemberStart of TermEnd of TermBusiness / Pecuniary Interests
PrincipalNaomi Palmer01/09/13-Chair of Strategic Progress Board at CNS / Young Norfolk Arts Trustee
ChairTrish Phillips21/01/1108/06/21None
Governor – ParentJames Clarkson01/02/1501/02/19Price Bailey LLP
Governor – StaffAmy Cook01/11/1601/11/20None
GovernorJenny Perry15/12/1615/12/20Educational Consultant with JRP Education Ltd
Work with Norfolk LA Education Inclusion Service
GovernorJim Nixon26/01/1726/01/21Education Consultant
Chair of Governors at Ormiston Endeavour Academy
GovernorHelena Gillespie21/11/1721/11/21University Lecturer / Director
Teacher at INTO LLP (UEA)
Catton Grove Primary - Governor
Governor - ParentAdrian Kennedy01/04/1801/04/22None
GovernorYvonne Barclay03/08/1001/09/18None
GovernorSam Thomson07/11/1731/08/18OAT Regional Finance Director
GovernorPatrick Harris01/10/1306/07/17M&A Partners
Trustee of Paul Basham Charitable Trust and Young Norfolk Arts Trust
GovernorChris Perry01/10/1314/12/16CEO of SWARM
GovernorPenny Sheppard01/03/1609/09/16Head Teacher at Queens Hill Primary School

Strategic Project Board – responsibilities include student outcomes & progress and the quality of teaching & learning.

Chair – Jim Nixon, Trish Phillips and Naomi Palmer

Enrichment Committee – responsibilities include student attendance and welfare.

Chair – Trish Phillips, Naomi Palmer, Jennifer Perry, Helena Gillespie

Finance & General Purposes – responsibilities include the quality of the learning environment and the academy budget.

James Clarkson, Trish Phillips, Adrian Kennedy, Naomi Palmer.

Governor Areas of Responsibility:

SEN – Jennifer Perry
Safeguarding – Trish Phillips
Pupil Premium –
AG&T – 
LAC – Trish Phillips
Attendance – Trish Phillips
Health & Safety – Trish Phillips

LGB Meeting Attendance 2017-18 academic year 

PositionMemberPossible Number of MeetingsNumber Attended% Attendance
PrincipalNaomi Palmer33100%
ChairTrish Phillips3266%
GovernorYvonne Barclay3266%
Governor - ParentJames Clarkson33100%
Governor - StaffAmy Cook32100%
GovernorJenny Perry33100%
GovernorJim Nixon33100%
GovernorHelena Gillespie3266%
GovernorSam Thomson22100%


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