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Letters Home

Date SentSent ToLetter
02/05/2017Year 10Year 10 Progress Report 4
02/05/2017Year 9Year 9 Progress Report 4
02/05/2017Year 8Year 8 Progress Report 4
02/05/2017Year 7Year 7 Progress Report 4
24/04/2017Year 7Year 7 Parents' Evening on Thursday 4th and Thursday 11th May 2017
18/04/2017Year 13Year 13 Progress Report 4
18/04/2017Year 12Year 12 Progress Report 4
18/04/2017Year 11Year 11 Progress Report 4
20/03/2017Year 12/13Sixth Form Parents' Evening - Thursday 20th April 2017
06/03/2017Whole SchoolOperation Encompass
01/03/2017Year 10Year 10 Progress Report 3
01/03/2017Year 9Year 9 Progress Report 3
01/03/2017Year 8Year 8 Progress Report 3
01/03/2017Year 7Year 7 Progress Report 3
21/02/2017Year 9Year 9 Parents' Evening on Thursday 2nd March
08/02/2017Year 12/13Year 12/13 Progress Report 3
08/02/2017Year 11Year 11 Progress Report 3
21/01/2017Year 8Year 8 GCSE Options Evening on Thursday 23rd February
06/01/2017Year 10Year 10 Progress Report 2
06/01/2017Year 9Year 9 Progress Report 2
06/01/2017Year 8Year 8 Progress Report 2
06/01/2017Year 7Year 7 Progress Report 2
16/12/2016Year 12/13Year 12/13 Progress Report 2
16/12/2016Year 11Year 11 Progress Report 2
15/12/2016Year 10/11Launch of GCSE Pod
12/12/2016Year 10Year 10 Parents' Evening on Thursday 19th January
12/12/2016Year 7/8Key Stage 3 Youth Club
05/12/2016Year 8Year 8 Parents' Evening on Thursday 12th January
02/12/2016Year 11Year 11 Kingswood Residential in February
18/11/2016Year 11Year 11 Raising Achievement Evening on Thursday 1st December
21/10/2016Year 11 (Class of 2016)Year 11 Class of 2016 Graduation Ceremony
18/10/2016 Year 7 Y7 Settling In Evening on Thursday 3rd November
14/10/2016Selected Year 11Year 11 Half Term ECDL Intervention on Monday 24th October
14/10/2016Year 11Year 11 Late and Principal's Detentions
28/09/2016Year 11 Sixth Form Open Evening on Thursday 6th October
16/09/2016Victory ScholarsVictory Scholars Update - September 2016
12/09/2016Year 11Year 11 Raising Achievement Evening on Tuesday 20th September


Parent Mail

At Ormiston Victory Academy, Communicating with Parents and Carers is an important part of what we do, making sure you get the correct information about activities, events and things that really matter is something we care about.

We are using ParentMail, a service used by over 6,000 schools, nurseries and children’s clubs to communicate with families.

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Online Reports – GO4Schools

As part of our commitment to being an ‘Eco School’, we have decided to make all reports electronic using GO4Schools. 

GO4Schools allows parents to have 24/7 access to “live” information about their child’s education!

  • You and your child can see Real-Time, Subject-Specific Assessments and Access Course Information
  • You and your child can access Progress Reports Online, either as web pages or as great-looking PDFs that you can print at home
  • You can view your child’s Attendance Statistics
  • You can check your child’s timetable online, helping reduce the number of forgotten PE kits, cooking ingredients and other essential equipment
  • All at the click of a button!

How do I access GO4Schools?

To login to your GO4Schools account, please go to www.go4schools.com/parents, then enter your email address and password to login.

If you are using GO4Schools for the first time, please refer to our Go4Schools Parent Access Guide, to help you get started.

Should you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Data Manager, Miss K. Ellwood on 01603 742310 ext 232.


Healthy Schools Award – Year 2

Posted: 20.05.16

We were delighted to receive this certificate today for achieving Year 2 of the Enhanced Healthy Schools award.

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Immunisation Against HPV

Posted: 20.03.17

The immunisation team will be in school on the 28th April 2017 to administer the HPV vaccination to females in

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OAT Awards Ceremony – Congratulation to our performers!

Posted: 06.03.17

Congratulations to our performers who attended the OAT annual awards ceremony in London last week to perform a medley of

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Immunisations Against DPT and Meningitis ACWY for Year 9.

Posted: 03.03.17

The immunisation team will be in school on the 16th March 2017 to administer the Diphtheria, Polio and Tetanus injection

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