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Pupil Premium

 Pupil Premium 2016/2017 


In 2011/2012 schools were allocated Pupil Premium (PP) funding for pupils from low-income families who were eligible for free school meals (FSM) or had been looked after continuously for more than six months. From April 2012 Pupil Premium was extended to include pupils who had been eligible for FSM at any point in the last six years. A premium has also been introduced for pupils whose parents are currently serving in the Armed Forces. Each secondary FSM ever 6 eligible pupil will attract £935 through the pupil premium.

The Pupil Premium tries to address the current underlying inequalities between children eligible for FSM and their wealthier peers by ensuring that the funding reaches the pupils who need it most.  Individual schools have the flexibility and freedom to use the Pupil Premium to best effect. These children are not unseen in our Academy and our staff have a good knowledge and high expectations of every child. The progress and welfare of our Pupil Premium students is reviewed termly at our Enrichment Governors’ Board Meeting.

Our objectives

To ensure that all students from vulnerable groups (including those from outside formal groups, but identified by the Academy) have the opportunity to succeed through additional interventions.

  • To provide targeted support to improve the attainment and life chances of disadvantaged children.
  • To ensure the gap in attainment between FSM and non FSM is reduced.
  • To ensure that the strategies that we adopt are successful, positively impact the achievement of disadvantaged pupils and provide good value for money.
  • To encourage parents / carers to apply for free school meals where pride, stigma or changing circumstances act as barriers and to increase parent engagement.
  • To continually raise staff awareness of the potential barriers to learning for FSM pupils and our extra responsibility we have towards such groups.
  • To focus on improving numeracy and literacy skills.
  • To ensure rigorous tracking of FSM pupils progress with interventions when pupils fall behind to ensure they make good progress.
  • To continually improve the schools assessment procedures.
  • To continue to closely monitor pupil attendance and use a range of strategies to improve attendance rates for these pupils.
  • To support EAL students to be successful at the Academy.

Funding 2016/17

Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received2016/17 2015/16
Total number of pupils on roll (11-16)690 (based on Jan 2016 census)633
Number of pupils eligible for PPG 271 (39.3%) 224 (35%)
Level of funding Approx. £253,385 £209,440

The planned activities and the intended impact for 2016/2017are listed below. An estimated cost has been applied to each activity. 

Spending and Actions budgeted for 2016/2017 Academic Year

DescriptionActionIntended Impact / objectiveApproximate Cost
Library Resources including LEXIA. Librarian introduced to the Academy in 2014 for English intervention A Literacy Mentor has been appointed.Supply new reading books in library and support the reading scheme to include PP pupils. The librarian runs the library, support with literacy and provides a location for more vulnerable students outside lesson time. The librarian will support literacy sessions for targeted PP students and those under performing in the areas. To improve literacy levels and encourage reading at school and at home. Ensure that all pupils have access to same reading materials and resources so PP pupils are not disadvantaged and continue to make good levels of progress.£26,300 £7,012
Breakfast for all students in the canteen from 8:00. Any vulnerable student, who we are concerned about to be provided with a lunch within the FSM total number.To ensure that vulnerable students start the day having eaten a decent breakfast.Improve focus in lessons and ensure our students are able to learn and feel valued.Free as part of negotiated contract
Homework club running every day 2:45-3:45 PP pupils to be encouraged to attend homework club, run by the VIP team, where they can complete work with the support of a teaching assistant. Help pupils achieve well in all subjects and to supply a safe environment for pupils to work after school hours.£5,000
Rewards Improved rewards incentives to increase PP pupil’s motivation for success and improved levels of achievement. A wider range of rewards to appeal to PP students.Improved rewards incentives will increase pupil’s motivation for success and willingness to want to do well.£3,750
Maths intervention.2 Higher Level Teaching assistants purely dedicated to the maths department to help improve numeracy skills. Raise attainment and progress of PP students in order to improve their academic ability and results in Maths and English.£18,000 £31,600
Victory Intervention Programme Mentors and Leaders for year groups. Employed to support underachieving pupils across both key stages and to track progress, putting in place academic tutoring and/or mentoring where applicable.To offer bespoke support to the students who need intervention across the Academy and to raise achievement, focusing on support in the core subjects.£62,500
Head of Able, Gifted & TalentedTo support A G & T students, which will include vulnerable students, to progress to their full potentialTo increase results of AGT students to support reaching A*/A grades.£6,450
Ormiston Families Cluster PSA To provide support for PP students across all the schools in the cluster £ funded by cluster
Alternative provisionTo provide a placement at an external school for PP pupils at risk of permanent exclusion. To support other students in school, avoiding the Permanent exclusion route. Last year we started working with St Eds, offering one day placements to KS4 students. From this year this is also for KS3.To ensure a personalised curriculum which enables students to succeed and make strong progress.£20,000
Transport including Year 11 transport for after period 6Contribution to transport costs. Taxis available for PP students accessing alternative provisions.To ensure that all pupils are able to take part in offsite activities and arrive early for revision support.£1,125
Support for Learning resourcesTo provide personalised work packages to enable access to all lessonsTo raise achievement of specific groups of students, including PP. £2,250
Student WellbeingSupport for PP students purchasing equipment i.e. uniform Increase motivation of all pupils including PP, improving their drive and desire to achieve well and be successful and to avoid students' achievement suffering if their families cannot afford certain resources.£1,125
Curriculum development To ensure a range of accessible qualifications (including vocational @KS4&5) and resources are available to all PP pupils to ensure that they have all of the necessary materials and equipment to achieve well. All PP receive free revision guides.To raise achievement of all PP pupils and protect vulnerable groups from making too few levels of progress across the curriculum.£7,500
Victory Academy Support TeamHalf termly internal support team meetings to discuss underachieving PP pupils and those at risk and to monitor the support put in place and the impact. This team also meets briefly once a week.To identify underachieving pupils and put strategies in place to raise outcome & motivation of those pupils, including vulnerable or PP students.£no cost
School trips Specific educational trips / sports days aimed at raising the aspirations of PP pupils as well as enhancing their school experience.To ensure that students are able to take part in all activities and ensure PP pupils are not disadvantaged and that their aspirations are raised.£750
EnrichmentProvide after school clubs and allow children to take part in school performances / concerts. As well as giving PP pupils the opportunity to participate in activities they would not normally get the opportunity to. This included staff support for the Duke of Edinburgh award. This is promoted in assemblies.To ensure all PP pupils have access to the same after school activities and opportunities as all other pupils.£5,625
Extended Transition programmeTo ensure our new Year 6 students feel settled and part of the academy before the summer holidays & to eliminate a dip in performance due to transition anxieties.A 2 week programme that provides year 6 with literacy and numeracy support, sample lessons and extra-curricular activities days to ensure vulnerable students are settled and comfortable in their new environment.£3,375 Plus catering £1800 Teaching costs £2500
Student Development fund To support students to break barriers to learning.To support students in any way to achieve their academic goals.£3,000
ICT To enable students to have easier access to ICT 10 more netbooks in the classroom £nil (donation)
Peri MusicTo ensure that ALL students have access to music lessons, if they wish.To subsidise or pay for lessons for students who may otherwise not have this opportunity£1,100
Parent and child classes and other community projectsTo encourage families to be part of the Academy community and support learning strategiesTo give students the opportunity to enjoy working with their families in school£1,500
Connect Room and Head of PastoralIntroduction of a new way to directly champion students who feel vulnerable and to work alongside the Heads of Year for Behaviour. This person also runs the Connect room, which supports reaching 100% attendance.To improve student well-being and in certain cases progress and attendance£32,600

Funding 2015/16

Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received
Total number of pupils on roll (11-16) 633
Number of pupils eligible for PPG 224 (35%)
Level of funding Approx. £209,440

The planned activities and the intended impact for 2015/2016 are listed below. An estimated cost has been applied to each activity. The total cost of activities exceeds the grant, but this reflects the Academy’s culture.


Impact for 2015/2016 Academic Year

  • Disadvantaged students made more progress than non-disadvantaged.
  • For comparison to previous years; a Best 8 (EM) of 1006.0 would be roughly equivalent to a Progress 8 Score of +0.1.

Pupil Premium Student Feedback on Academic Support and Enrichment Opportunities

  • Last year the Academy helped with the payment of my French trip, which helped me to continue my studies into A level”  Year 12 student
  • Saturday School and after school exam revision made a difference – to get that extra help from the teachers.”  Year 12 student
  • Period 6 lessons were helpful and helped me understand the work.”  Year 12 student
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award -“It’s a good experience for people who want something new but you have to be committed towards it.  It also goes on your CV so it does help towards getting a job.”  Year 10 student
  •  “The Rounders Club I went to was a very good experience.  It allowed me the opportunity to play different schools and improve my skills.”  Year 9 student
  • Badminton was very good as I could learn new stuff about the sport.  Also I could have time to practice to get better.”  Year 9 student
  • “I didn’t have a computer at home so the academy lent me a laptop to use for revision – it really helped me and meant I could study in my room without sharing our home computer.” Year 12 student
  • “I had some problems with getting to school on time but I was collected for the exams in the minibus, so I could be on time for breakfast and extra support. I am sure I did better because I didn’t have to worry about being late because of the bus.” Year 12 student
  • “The VIP team are amazing. They are always there for me when I need help with revision or just someone to listen.” Year 12 student


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