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Student Ambassadors

At Victory, we are passionate about giving our students a voice in shaping the future of our academy. Each Head Ambassador leads a team of students, specialising in an area of the academy.

Head Ambassador for Raising Achievement

Every single person is individual, with unique goals they want to fulfil and barriers which they strive to overcome.

Through being a Head Ambassador in the Raising Achievement area, I feel I have been given the opportunity to help motivate people to fulfil their goals and perhaps even to further endeavour in their targets.

Head Ambassador for Anti-Bullying

Everyone deals with bullying, and this can have a very heavy impact on their school life. Not only this, but it can also go home with them via cyber bullying. Because of the major effects bullying can have on anyone, let alone a student.

I became the Head Ambassador for Anti-bulling so I could do my part in helping students that are being bullied and change attitudes towards it. As well as endeavouring to support students, I also want to take my opportunity as Head Ambassador to raise awareness of the effects it has.

Head Ambassador for STEM

I have a keen interest in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics field and hope to one day work in this field.

I am passionate in encouraging girls, due to their underrepresentation, as well as getting more people involved; as the technology of the world advances, we need more innovative and critical thinkers discovering new ways to improve existing components of the world in order for the world to progress.

Head Ambassador for Transition

I am very passionate about Transition, it’s a vital part of a students’ life in order to reduce the stress of going up to secondary school. My aim is to make Transition less chaotic – as we need to make it flow as well as possible for the Year 6s.

I am also using this role to help myself and some others complete the INVOLVE project – a project where we have to organise and host an event/experience. This is part of the Villiers Park Scheme, which I have been enrolled in at the school. Villiers Park is a scheme that helps young people get the opportunities they need which will help then to excel. By utilising my role as a Transition Ambassador, I can help myself and others complete this award.

Junior Ambassadors

We have also appointed a range of junior ambassadors to support their work – especially the induction of new students to the academy.

We are very proud of the work our students do to support one another.


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