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Ormiston Victory Academy Eco-Council

At Victory Academy we pride ourselves in being a “Green” Academy. We care passionately for our environment on both a local and national basis and have a superb Eco-council, which works hard on environmental issues. Our Eco-council has now been awarded the prestigious Green Flag which now flies proudly near the main gate. We regularly report to Victory Governors on the progress of our Green activities.



Eco Council Action Plan

TopicActionTarget / MeasureTimescale / DeadlineResponsibilityEvaluation of action / Actual result achieved
LitterVictory Community service litter pickLitter picks led by pastoral managers with students in seclusionApril 2017 - ongoingDAL/PRO Noticeable reduction in litter blown against fences by the wind – litter picks focus on boundaries
Litter promotion posters (designed by eco-council)Increased visibility of litter issues around AcademySeptember 2017Eco CouncilLitter posters are displayed in prominent places around academy and on Eco-notice board
Increase in number of bins in field (near football pitch)Reduction in litter on Academy playing fieldsApril 2018DAL/TSMNoticeable reduction in litter on playing fields which was previously a problem, especially on windy days!
Eco-council assembly Focus on litter reduction/recycling (& marine plastic pollution)December 2018 DAL/Eco Council


TopicActionTarget / MeasureTimescale / DeadlineResponsibilityEvaluation of action / Actual result achieved
EnergyChristmas holiday complete closure of academy to reduce energy consumptionReduction in energy used in Dec 2017 & 2018 compared with Nov 2017 & 2018Dec 2017 - Ongoing TSM/SiteSaving of 2733.8 units of electricity which equated to a saving of £308.61 (for winter 2017)
Energy monitoring alert system installedGeneral monitoring of energy usage throughout Academy and alerts when spike in consumptionOngoingTSM/Site
Earth Hour (1 hour switch off day before at school & banner on website/adverts on screens)Raised awareness of International Campaign and also within the academy the day beforeMarch 2018 DAL/Eco Council
Automatic light switch off in new buildingZero lighting left on in unattended areasOngoingICT Services
Automatic computer/projector switch off Zero computers left on overnight OngoingICT Services


TopicActionTarget / MeasureTimescale / DeadlineResponsibilityEvaluation of action / Actual result achieved
RecyclingNew textiles bank (Income generating)Textiles now able to be recycled and income generated for Eco CouncilOngoingDALMoney raised to date £
Battery Recycling (now includes site team)Batteries continue to be recycled (now including those used by site team)OngoingDAL/Eco council
Recycling bins in all classrooms and offices (paper, card, drinks bottles & cans)All classrooms and offices have and utilised recycling bins for paper, card, plastic bottles & cansOngoingDAL/Eco council
Ink Cartridge RecyclingReduction in ink cartridges thrown into general waste (only inkjet qualify)OngoingDAL/Eco council
Bra RecyclingBra recycling point for Academy and local community – Bras raising money for breast cancer research and distributed to developing countriesApril 2017 ongoingDAL/Eco council
Coffee refills RecyclingReduction in coffee refills entering landfill & useful products made insteadOngoingDAL/Eco council
New Book recycling (book swap in community room and main entrance)Old books are recycled by Academy staff, 6th formers and members of local community/visitorsOngoingDAL/Eco council
New bra recycling for developing countriesCollection of old bras to donate women in developing countriesOngoingDAL
Christmas present shop (recycling unwanted presents) in community fridge container Unwanted Christmas presents brought in and students to cash in reward points to buy family Christmas presentsDec 2018VLFTBC – new project for Christmas
Stamp recycling Stamps collected to raise money for “Count the Kicks” charityOngoingDAL/Eco council
Second hand school uniform stand at parent’s evenings/open eveningsIncrease in usage of second hand uniform – reduction in textile wasteSept 2018TSM
Eco-bricks project – Art & DTReduction in amount of plastic going into landfill both at school & staff and student homes – production of eco-bricks and use in Art/DT projectNov 2018 - ongoingRMI


TopicActionTarget / MeasureTimescale / DeadlineResponsibilityEvaluation of action / Actual result achieved
School Grounds & BiodiversityNew Year 6/7 playgroundYear 6/7 playground installed – additional seating and fenceSept 2018PRONew playground provides quieter area for younger students to enjoy school grounds
Planting of new shrubs around carpark areaAdditional shrubs planted in the new car park borders – increase in biodiversitySept 2017Site
Year 8 horse chestnut saplings science projectAll Year 8 students in FDOs class given horse chestnut sapling to nurture April 2018DAL/FDO
Year 6 yarn bombing transition projectEnhancing school grounds via tree wrapping project for year 6sJuly 2018RMI/DAL
Bee friendly plants in containers on Science balconyIncrease in biodiversity specifically tailored to increasing bee populationOngoingDAL/SQU
Development of gardening provision in St George’s house to include use of allotment and students cooking produceSept 2018ACK
Bee friendly plants in containers on Science balconyIncrease in biodiversity specifically tailored to increasing bee populationMarch 2016DAL/Gardening club
Year 6 transition wildlife dayProvide opportunities for year 6 students to enjoy new experiences in the area of wildlife such as handling snakes, owls, bugs, pond dipping, owl pellet dissection etcJuly 2017 - ongoingDAL


TopicActionTarget / MeasureTimescale / DeadlineResponsibilityEvaluation of action / Actual result achieved
WasteCompostingIncrease in green materials being composted and used to fertilise allotmentJuly 2017ACK/Gardening club
Waste bin auditHighlighting areas of higher need for waste bins in order to reduce litterSeptember 2018Eco councilStudent council and Eco council requested increased number of bins on playing field – 6 additional bins were purchased resulting in visibly reduced amount of litter on fields


TopicActionTarget / MeasureTimescale / DeadlineResponsibilityEvaluation of action / Actual result achieved
TransportStaff and student transport survey – produce display of how students and staff get to schoolRaise awareness of greener ways to travel and provide an audit of how staff and students travelDec 2018DAL/Eco council
Improvement in student bike sheds to encourage more students to cycle to schoolIncreased number of student cycling to schoolSept 2017Site/TSMIncreased number of students cycling to school and additional enquiries from parents about whether this is possible for their children


TopicActionTarget / MeasureTimescale / DeadlineResponsibilityEvaluation of action / Actual result achieved
WaterWater saving ideas in AcademyReduction in tap water used around Academy groundsSept 2018DAL/SQU/Site
Switch off taps stickers by all twist taps (designed by eco-council)Raised profile of the need to turn off taps and save water – reduction in taps left running – visible reminderApril 2017Eco councilSwitch off stickers are on all manual tap sinks around the academy to raise awareness
Annual water audit Measurement of difference in water used by manual tap usage or automatic tap shut offSept 2017Eco councilIn general manual taps (average use) produce less water than those with automatic shut off (provided used correctly and turned off)


TopicActionTarget / MeasureTimescale / DeadlineResponsibilityEvaluation of action / Actual result achieved
Global CitizenshipCharity committee – wide variety of charities supported – student led eg. MacMillan Cancer, Children in Need, Christmas Sugar appeal (Norwich Foodbank), Christmas Hampers, Royal British Legion.£10,000 target between 2016-2018July 2016DAL/HCU/Charity CommitteeOver £5,000 was raised for student selected charities in the academic year 2017-18
Links with schools in Italy, China, Spain, France & GermanyIncreased opportunities for students to work alongside students from different countries and culturesOngoingEBA/ACR
Royal British Legion 100 years project including poppy run and “Muddy Choir” drama productionRaised awareness amongst students re: events and impact of 1st world warOctober 2018HBOEvery student in Academy took part in the sponsored Poppy Run and participated in the 1 min silence, raising £….. for RBL
Citizenship Form time programmeStudents demonstrate increased knowledge and understanding of British Values, Core Values of world religions and can critically examine, other people’s views and arguments and form their own balanced opinions.OngoingDALNew topics for 2016-18 have been honour based abuse (male and female), domestic violence, gambling and violence against women
Christmas Sugar collection and additional food collection for local food banksLocal foodbanks and homeless charities supported in a practical way by donations of foodDec 2017 - annualCharity committee/HCU
New 6th form volunteering projectAll 6th form students to complete 10 hours volunteer work within Academy, 10 hours within community and minimum charity fundraising of £10Launched Sept 2018RTI
Annual European Day of Languages CelebrationAll departments to use date and starter activity in European language of their choice. Staff to wear traditional costumes if desiredOngoingEBA/MFL deptRaised awareness of languages and cultural traditions among students


TopicActionTarget / MeasureTimescale / DeadlineResponsibilityEvaluation of action / Actual result achieved
Healthy LivingCurriculum links (Science, SMSC, Catering)Students more aware of how to keep themselves healthy and make healthier food choices in the canteen. OngoingAllMap has been produced highlighting Eco links
Healthy options in canteenOngoingTSM/E&B
Young Carers Tick quality award gained & Young Carer Charter developedRaised awareness of the challenges Young Carers faceSept 2017DALStudents and staff more aware of challenges YC face and YC themselves feel more supported through charter and enhanced profile
Wide variety of physical activities offered through “Victory Adventures” enrichment programme – regular articles in Victory FlagStudents able to access a wide range of physical activities which will suit a variety of skill sets, ages and personalities.OngoingDAL/KWE/MEA
OAT Gold award for EnrichmentGold award achieved – Audit in Oct 2018 shows we are on target for thisJan 2019DAL/KWE/MEACurrent tracking data shows 82% of students take part in enrichment of some kind. Impact studies highlight the positive benefits to both emotional well-being and academic achievement.
Well-being and Schools award15 month project results in improvements in Emotional Well-being and Mental Health provision for students and staff – includes staff, parents & studentsJuly 2019DAL
Mental Health Champion TrainingDAL to successfully complete 2 day trainingNovember 2018DALCompleted


TopicActionTarget / MeasureTimescale / DeadlineResponsibilityEvaluation of action / Actual result achieved
Whole schoolGreen Visa points introducedImproved awareness of environmental responsibilities around AcademyOngoingVLRIncreased number of Eco visa points awarded by staff
Follow up environmental reviewEco-council complete review and action points drawn up and actioned where possibleApril 2017DAL/Eco councilEnvironmental review was conducted by Eco-council and fed into key action points for Eco Action Plan 2016-18
Eco-suggestion boxStudent voice regarding green issues – students post suggestions and these are discussed in eco-council meetings and fed back via BarazaOngoingDAL/Site
Eco Link GovernorConduit for Eco-council to liaise with Governing body – Eco reports presented to Governors at Extended Services meetingsOngoingDAL/NPANamed Eco-Governor in post
Baraza eco-council repsEffective link between Eco-council and Academy council for suggestions and feedback. Scheduled environmental topics to be discussed in Baraza.OngoingAWIEnvironmental issues and Green concerns are regularly discussed during Baraza meetings and fed back to Eco-council
Eco assemblyRaised awareness of the work of the Eco-council, key priorities, Earth Hour and action planDecember 2018DALGreen mission statements is on rear page of Academy commitment to environmental issues
Green mission statement in prospectusIncreased profile of Green ethos of Academy immediately evidentOngoingDAL/NPAprospectus to highlight
Regular Green articles in Victory FlagSept 2015DAL
Launch of Eco-council twitter account @VictoryEcoRaised profile of commitment to Green issues and work of eco-council at Victory AcademyDec 2018DAL


TopicActionTarget / MeasureTimescale / DeadlineResponsibilityEvaluation of action / Actual result achieved
MarineJoint Eco-council beach clean with Year 11 Geography studentsRaised awareness amongst students of marine plastic pollution and practical action to reduce this in localityDec 2018DAL/EWI
Production of plastic bottle recycling sculptureRaised awareness of amount of plastic used which could end up in marine environment and increased amount of recycling of this productFeb 2019DAL/DT dept.

Eco Council Members

Our Eco Council currently consists of 14 students from Years 8 to 11 and is led by Dr Allen and Mr Gott.

Within the Eco Council team we have appointed 7 students officers for each key area including:

  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Waste/Recycling
  • Marine
  • Litter
  • Water
  • School Grounds


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