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Ormiston Victory Academy Eco-Council

At Victory Academy we pride ourselves in being a “Green” Academy. We care passionately for our environment on both a local and national basis and have a superb Eco-council, which works hard on environmental issues. Our Eco-council has now been awarded the prestigious Green Flag which now flies proudly near the main gate. We regularly report to Victory Governors on the progress of our Green activities.


Eco Council Action Plan

Topic Action Target / Measure Timescale / Deadline Responsibility Actual Result Achieved / Date
Energy - Switch off fortnight (The Pod) Reduction in energy used (no previous bill available as new building).
Staff made aware of need to turn off lights/projectors when not in use. Reminders in staff briefings
18th Nov -1st Dec 2013 Eco-council/DAN1st Dec
-Earth Hour 2013 & 2014 Results of participation/ promotion in assembly using video – banner on website – public event? Eco-Council &SBS/DAN March 23rd 2013 March 23rd 2013
- Inform staff about Norwich’s big switch and saving scheme – April 2013 Leaflets distributed to staff and notice in staff briefing April 2013 SBS/JGR April 2013
- Promotion of “Save a Tonne” campaign with local community Promotional stand at year 6 transition open evening – representatives from NCC October 2013 PWN October 2013
Litter - More bins (requested by students) Bins purchased for both inside and outside new building February 2014 Eco and Student Council/ site team January 2014
- ‘The Big Tidy-Up’
Encourage Students to volunteer in litter-pick South Norfolk Litter Pick
Students involved in the litter pick – partnership with South Norfolk Council March 2013 Eco Council, Student council/SBS/JGR March 2013
- Form time litter rota (Fridays) Records/graphs of amount collected Ongoing All students/Eco-council Ongoing
Healthy Living - More fruits & Veg.
- Healthy options at lunch – new catering company appointed (student panel involved)
Increased variety of fresh/dried fruit available. Increased variety of vegetables offered with lunch September 2013 School Council/ student panel September 2013
- Wider variety of after-school enrichment activities offered New Karate club set up (ages 4-adult) December 2013 NBS December 2013
Year 7 visit to UEA (archery etc) December 2013 December 2013
New swimming club December 2013 January 2014 December 2013 January 2014
New squash, skiing & water-skiing to be offered April 2014 NBS
Parental survey of healthy lifestyles as part of bronze food for life award Graphical analysis of parental responses including gardening, exercise levels, family food etc February 2012 PWN/DAN February 2012
School Grounds - Completion of Fruitful schools orchard in Academy grounds All new apple trees (Norfolk varieties) to have been planted out & first pruning done. July 2013 Gardening club & KEL July 2013
- Re-launch of Gardening club (following retirement of member of staff) September 2013 KEL Ongoing
- Litter issue – Reduce – Form time litter pick 2013 &2014 To create a litter free environment – graphical analysis of amount collected On going DAN/All students
Form tutors
Eco Council
School council
Waste - Comenius Project -2 year project involving schools in France Germany, Italy, Spain and OVA Completion of project – DVD produced July 2013 (Current Year 13)
Karen Annison
Amber Waterfield
Bethan Innes
Maisie Robertson
Jourdann Mcardle
Katie Bowers
Luke Dalton(Current Year 11)
Aurelia Shirazu
Rachael Hondora
July 2013
- New recycling centre at Students Services Eco-council assembly to promote awareness of recycling and new recycling partnership with Terracycle January 2014 DAN/Eco-council January 2014
- Christmas Card recycling collection Collection point at new recycling point (student services) January 2014 DAN/Eco-council January 2014
- Art department recycling bin topper competition Student entries for design of recycling bin topper – best entry produced to use in Academy July 2013 Art department/student council July 2013
Transport - Questionnaire/Survey Student transport survey to be repeated – last done July 2011 April 2014 DAN/Eco council
- (Sponsored walk/bike-ride) – Raise awareness on alternate greener transport Participation in sponsored walk/cycle June 2014 DAN/Eco council
Global Citizenship - Sugar Collection Increased number of bags of sugar collected (174 in total) Christmas 2013 DAN Christmas 2013
- Charity collections for EACH, Children in Need, NSPCC & Macmillan Increased amounts of money collected for variety of charities Ongoing Students/DAN Ongoing
- Climate run 2013 & 2014 50+ students participating in fundraising activity in aid of building new primary schools in Kenya 4th September 2012
3rd April 2014
DAN/Eco-council 4th September 2012
Biodiversity - Fruitful schools orchard Completion of fruitful schools orchard – trees established and orchard open for student use July 2013 PWN/ KEL/Gardening club July 201
- Apple Day Gardening club promotion at Academy -generate funding for benches in orchard – over £350 December 2013 KEL/Gardening club December 2013
- Gardening Club re-launch Gardening club re-launched – student participation numbers and improvement in Academy grounds Ongoing KEL/Gardening club Ongoing


Charity Day 12.02.2016

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On Friday 12th February we will be raising money for the British Heart Foundation and the Children’s Trust. Fundraising activities: We

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Certificate from ‘Sugar for Shelters’

Posted: 03.02.16

Well done, all! Lovely certificate from Sugar for Shelters – really proud of our students’ charity work!

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Parent Governor Vacancy

Posted: 21.01.16

Dear Parents/Carers There is currently a vacancy for a Parent Governor on the Governing Body and I am writing to

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