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Raising Achievement

Year 11 Raising Achievement Evenings

Thursday 20th September 2016 – Year 11 Raising Achievement Evening

Please click here if you wish to view the PowerPoint Presentation delivered on the evening.

Thursday 1st December 2016 – Year 11 Raising Achievement Evening

Thursday 30th March 2016 – Year 11 Raising Achievement Evening

Victory Intervention Programme

The Victory Intervention Programme (VIP) is for our students – the real VIPs! We have a room dedicated to ensuring they have somewhere quiet and well-resourced to study, staffed by our fabulous team whose sole purpose is to encourage independent study and help students manage homework and revision.

The Victory Intervention Programme (VIP) Team is dedicated to Raising Achievement within the academy.

The ‘raising achievement’ strategies  form an integral part of the academy’s achievement culture and are built into the heart of the Academy’s Development Plan.

All strategies are designed to boost student achievement. The strategies have been developed with the use of internal and external research, data analysis and student voice.

The VIP Toolkit identifies the methods used for intervention across the academy at various levels. Each programme has been developed with the following thought process in mind: 

1: How can we support individual students to achieve their full potential? 

2: How will the need for this support be identified? 

3: How will the impact of each programme be measured, reported and built upon?

Introducing the team:  

The VIP Team needs to: Establish with all students across each key stage what academic intervention is, and how students can benefit from it personally. We must also establish the difference between academic intervention and behaviour strategies.

The VIP Suite: is an area for all students to use to help them with their studies. The area will be open at break and lunch, as well as after school during period 6. The environment is a place of work, academic support, and independent study. We establish rapport with students, and as a team, and work together to ensure the area is used effectively.

The VIP Team Staff:


Mrs R. Bramble

Assistant Principal


Miss M. Youngman 

Head of Year 11


Mrs K. Brown

Head of Year 11 Behaviour

Miss Catchpole Victory Intervention Programme Academic Mentor

Miss T. Catchpole

Victory Intervention Mentor

Mrs Coby Victory Intervention Programme Academic Mentor

Mrs J. Coby

Victory Intervention Mentor

Miss Read Victory Intervention Programme Academic Mentor

Miss C. Read 

Victory Intervention Mentor



Healthy Schools Award – Year 2

Posted: 20.05.16

We were delighted to receive this certificate today for achieving Year 2 of the Enhanced Healthy Schools award.

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Immunisation Against HPV

Posted: 20.03.17

The immunisation team will be in school on the 28th April 2017 to administer the HPV vaccination to females in

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OAT Awards Ceremony – Congratulation to our performers!

Posted: 06.03.17

Congratulations to our performers who attended the OAT annual awards ceremony in London last week to perform a medley of

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Immunisations Against DPT and Meningitis ACWY for Year 9.

Posted: 03.03.17

The immunisation team will be in school on the 16th March 2017 to administer the Diphtheria, Polio and Tetanus injection

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